Test Day




Pre-test preparation

• Get proper rest at least 24 hours from your last training session.

• Eat to compete: Have a healthy meal 3-4 hours before taking the BAM Test and be well-hydrated.

• Wear comfortable training attire. We recommend you wear the clothes and training shoes you’d normally wear for practice. Court/Field shoes are required.

• Arrive 30 minutes before your registration time. This gives you time to find parking, check in at registration, and be ready to give your best effort.


BAM Test day

When you arrive at the BAM Testing location, check in at the registration desk. You will need a copy of your registration receipt that was emailed to you. This can be a paper copy or available on your mobile device.

The BAM Test takes about one hour to complete. This will include a dynamic warm up and testing at all stations. You will also receive instruction for each of the stations. At each test station, BAM uses your best result.

The DQ (Did Not Qualify) – During any trial, a BAM coach may tell you that your result is a DQ. This means you did not complete the protocol correctly (i.e. crossed an out of bounds line, did not touch the floor, etc…). If this happens, get back in line with your group, and prepare for your next trial.

After the event, you can view your results online. Results are typically available within 24 hours after you finish testing.







BAM is the worldwide leader in athletic testing, providing the most vaild and reliable testing for athletes of every major sport, at every level. Our services are used by the NBA, Adidas, and major colleges such as UCLA, NC State, and Wake Forest.