Can my parents and/or coach attend a BAM Event?

Yes, parents and coaches are encouraged to attend. Seating is not guaranteed as athletes will be moving from station to station and each testing venue is different.


What are the cancellation policies?

Notify BAM Testing at least 24 hours before the start of the event. Send the notification via email. Please indicate if you want to postpone to another date or need a reimbursement.  If you are in doubt, please send us a note with your circumstances.


How often should I test?

Testing is recommended twice yearly at a minimum, but follow-up tests can be in as little as 4 weeks depending on training goals and other variables.


What is a BAM Score™?

BAM Testing has developed a proprietary evaluation system that converts your test results into a standardized score. The scoring system has been developed over 25 years and allows you to compare and categorize yourself with both peer and elite populations. In other words, you will know exactly how you rate and compare against other athletes in your sport, from your current level up to the pros. The scoring is based on your best trial result for each test. Using BAM’s extensive results database, each protocol result is assigned a value with the cumulative total equaling a BAM Score . The BAM Score™ not only provides you the ability to categorize and track your progress, it opens the door to goal setting and future success.


Can I compare results?

BAM will release comparison results in the very near future when there’s more trial results available for meaningful statistical comparisons.


How do I see my testing result details?

If you’ve attended a BAM Event, login and navigate to the Results page.  Pick the event you want to see the results.


Can I share my results?

You bet you can.  We currently support Facebook and Twitter.  To share your results , go to your results page and click the share icon in the upper right. This will post your results!






BAM is the worldwide leader in athletic testing, providing the most vaild and reliable testing for athletes of every major sport, at every level. Our services are used by the NBA, Adidas, and major colleges such as UCLA, NC State, and Wake Forest.